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Deep South Productions offers music production services for new and established artists. From recording to distribution, we bring a complete range of experience and talent to your project. Let us guide you through the maze of producing your project. We are also a publishing company affilliated with BMI and ASCAP. We have an ever growing catalog of songs available for recording. Call us at (512) 441-3045 or email us.

Parrot Tracks Studio is our favorite place for production. Ask for George Coyne and tell him that Deep South Productions sent you to him.


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De La Vega Brothers
De La Vega Brothers In the 1970s, brothers Richard, Leo and Sammy De La Vega had band playing rock-n-roll that was staring to get noticed in Texas and the surrounding states. In 1977, Sammy lost his life in a motorcycle accident. Richard and Leo went their separate ways playing in various bands. Their younger brother, Danny, inspired by Sammy to play drums, got together with Richard and Leo to do an album in honor of their brother Sammy. This album will be their first album together, it is appropriately titled "De La Vega Brothers”.
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Leah Deal
Leah Deal: Shout It Out Leah Deal, a singer songwriter of songs inspired by the Holy Spirit began singing and playing guitar at an early age. Later in life she started co-writing songs her father and writing songs on her own. She has now recorded these songs to share with family and friends everywhere.
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David Waddell
David Waddell: Last of the Outlaws "David Waddell may be one of the last outlaws ... his songs tell of a culture, his talent and his convincing voice make these stories credible and captivating ... this very well produced album offers kind of a mental escape ... just close your eyes and enjoy the ride ..." - Mike Penard
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Jubal Clark
Jubal Clark: The Man and His Music These are songs from live recordings of singer/songwriter Jubal Clark. For several years he was the opening act at Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnics. A well respected and loved Austin songwriter.
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Los Texas Wranglers
Los Texas Wranglers: Welcome to Conjunto, Texas This is Los Texas Wranglers’ 14th album. It has more of Julian Fernandez’s original songs plus some great oldie Conjunto songs. Featuring Joyce Adams, twice nominated for "BEST NEW FEMALE VOCALIST" at the Tejano Music Awards.
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The Silvertones
The Silvertones: Silertone Avenue cover Texas is a really big place, and it's full of roads. Spend any amount of time on a Texas road and there are sure to be all kinds of twists and turns, ups and downs. Silvertone Avenue is no different. From the hard mean city streets to the winding rural country roads we've had a lot of twists and turns and overcome a lot of obstacles in the 20 plus years we've been around. One thing never changes...the burning desire to keep driving down this damn road.
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Los Texas Wranglers
The Los Texas Wranglers Band: Aye, Que Tan Bonita cover Aye, Que Tan Bonita is collection of original songs, written and composed by bandleader and drummer Julian Limón Fernandez. For over a decade, Austin's own Los Texas Wranglers have cultivated a uniquely Texas sound, deeply rooted in traditional, accordion-driven Conjunto with accents from Country, Blues, and other genres. This album is a great showcase of this sonic signature that has earned the veteran group a loyal following and awards and recognition nationwide.
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Julian Fernandez Y Los Texas Wranglers
Julian Fernandez Y Los Texas Wranglers Band: Mi Canciones cover Mi Canciones is album of original songs written by Julian Fernandez and recorded by Los Texas Wranglers. Julian the heart of Los Texas Wranglers, bringing his many styles and techniques to his drumming and percussion to the band. At the young age of 14 Julian started writing lyrics and by the age of 16 he was writing music arrangements. This album highlights his forty years of song writing.
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Los Texas Wranglers
The Los Texas Wranglers Band: Adios, Goodbye cover Adios, Goodbye is Los Texas Wranglers' first Country album. The band, well known and highly respected for their Tejano/Conjunto style of music, is also an accomplished Country band. Los Texas Wranglers was honored to be voted "Best Country/Bluegrass" band of the Year in 2011 at the Austin Music Awards. Adios, Goodbye was recorded in response to all the Los Texas Wranglers fans.
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The Silvertones -- You Got Me Spinnin'
CD cover for You Got Me Spinnin'

You Got Me Spinnin’ is The Silvertones latest album. This a Texas Blues album of twelve original songs. All the members of the band contributed songs for this project. It has songs showcasing some of the different styles of Blues that that play at their shows. This is a long anticipated project that was worth the wait.

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Diane McKoy -- Bluegrass/Country Gospel Roots Sprouting
CD cover for Bluegrass/Country Gospel Roots Sprouting

Diane McKoy is a one of a kind artist - a powerful and moving performer whose creative vocal phrasing and engaging stage presence (yet down home manner) keep audiences raft. With a voice like that, at turns, soars, swoops, and slides, she'll sometime play with the beat - singing ahead of it here, behind it there - syncopating and punctuating with throaty phrases and the occasional falsetto turn (check out the ending of "Jesus Put it All Together"!) (more info)

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Los Texas Wranglers
The Los Texas Wranglers Band: Texas Treasures CD cover The Los Texas Wranglers, winner of "Best Latin Traditional Band" at the 2007-2008 Austin Music Awards, have released their CD, TEXAS TREASURES. They are a working Conjunto band, playing cities all over Texas, Arizona, Illinois and Washington. The band is composed of great musicians, who all have a history in la onda with some of the great and famous Tejano stars. They perform all styles of Tejano/Conjunto music, extending into Country, Blues, and Pop music, appealing to every generation.

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Leti De La Vega
Leti De La Vega's CD Ballad of the Ballis "Ballad of the Ballis" is a beautiful collection of songs about the life, ancestry, and struggles of the generations of Padre Jose Nicholas Balli, which Padre Island, Texas is named after. Leti was asked by Leonor Cerda Balli if she could write songs of their family's history based on the book they were writing "Trials and Tribulations-La Verdad"" about their great-great uncle, Padre Balli, and the struggles they have all endured to insure their family's birthrights. This album is the result of that request and paints a touching picture in music.

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Diane McKoy
Diane McKoy's CD Ready or Not Here I Come Founding and fronting a country music band as an African American is unusual enough, but even more so, a bluegrass (gospel) band in New York City! Diane has been active in country and bluegrass music since 1980, saying, "I'm heavily into singing bluegrass and country gospel with old time fervor."

Visit Diane's MySpace page.

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Poodle Lynn -- "Don't Keep This Lady Waiting"
CD cover for Don't Keep This Lady Waiting That's Poodle Lynn right there on the front cover and you don't have to wait anymore, her time is now. Poodle Lynn's been writing and performing traditional country music for nearly five decades. She's also a fine blues writer and performer. Deep South Productions is fortunate to have her music on CD for everyone to enjoy. (more info)
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Blaze Foley -- Wanted More Dead Than Alive
CD cover for Wanted More Dead Than Alive Deep South Productions is now selling Blaze Foley's unreleased country album, the long-awaited lost tapes, recorded in the studio months before his tragic death. Wanted More Dead Than Alive has been digitally enhanced by phenomenal studio musicians Leland Waddell and David Waddell, who backed Foley during those same sessions along with Joe Gracey, Kimmie Rhodes and Charlie Day. (more info)
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Blaze Foley -- The Blaze Foley Tributes
Blaze Foley Tribute CD cover for Tribute Volume One Deep South Productions is proud to have produced the Blaze Foley Tribute project, currently a three volume set. Over 75 artists were recorded over a three year period to produce this collection of songs written by Blaze Foley. The fourth CD, Songs for a Friend of Ours featuring a collection of songs written for, about and because of Blaze, is now available. (more info)

LATEST NEWS: The first three Tribute CDs have been released as a boxed set in Spain! Blaze has finally arrived in Europe! (more info)

The Silvertones -- Ride in My Cadillac
The Silvertones: Ride In My Cadillac
The Silvertones are a Dallas based blues band, voted "Best Blues Act" by the Dallas Observer four times. Deep South Productions is extremely proud to have produced their new CD, Ride in My Cadillac. This CD consists of 10 original songs written by the members of The Silvertones. It also contains an original song written by Robert Lee and a "cover" song that's popular with their fans. (There are some very special guests performing on this CD with The Silvertones.) (more info)
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Leti De La Vega -- La Primera
Leti De La Vega CD cover for La Primera Leti De La Vega is a Mexican folk singer and songwriter whose family history is rich with music and dance. Because of the growing interest in her work, Deep South Productions has re-released Leti's First CD, La Primera. As with her other CDs, her first CD reflects the influences of the styles of her family's music learned in Mexico and Texas with several generations of De La Vegas performing on it. Leti's CD is now available through Deep South Productions. (more info)
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Melissa Sellers Band -- Deep South Austin
Melissa Sellers Band CD cover for Deep South Austin Poodle Lynn's daughter, Melissa Sellers, was raised on country and "nails it" according to Bobby Boyd, author of Garth Brooks' "Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House" and who penned a song for Melissa on this CD. Deep South Productions is very pleased to offer her debut CD, "Deep South Austin," and is currently in pre-production for her next CD! (more info)
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Robert Lee -- Songs For Sale
Robert Lee CD cover for Songs For Sale Robert Lee Raney, best known for his lead guitar work, is focusing his talents on songwriting. His new CD, Songs for Sale, is just that: fifteen original songs available for first release. There's a wide variety of musical styles here with a little something for everyone. So if your looking for material to use on you next project, just take your pick of the crop here. (more info)
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Alfonso A. Gomez -- La Poesia De Alfonso A. Gomez
La Poesia De Alfonso A. Gomez Alfonso A. Gomez was born at the end of the roaring twenties and has cultivated his journalism background into contemporary Spanish poetry with a flavor of freshness, clarity, and contemplation. His newest CD, La Poesia De Alfonso A. Gomez is now available only from Deep South Productions. (more info)
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