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La Poesia De Alfonso A. Gomez
List of poetry from La Poesia De Alfonso A. Gomez

LETI DE LA VEGA: Rancho Viejo, Mexico

Alfonso A. Gomez was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico on the 25th of May 1929, the last year of the roaring twenties.

After working in several and quite varied activities, the last as a journalist for a newspaper in his native Matamoros, he started writing poetry in Spanish.

He has published two gazettes with some of his poems, some of which are now published in this CD.

He is a contemporary poet who captures the enchantment of the many styles and innumerable fields, with a flavor of freshness and clearness, always in the modern concept of life and preferably the use of common and familiar expressions.

In his poetry, you will find almost the same philosophic conclusions you come to in moments of relaxation and mental focus, the thoughts about your expectations of life.

This is the time to give yourself the opportunity to examine and compare the rights and wrongs, if any, of your own poetic spirit living inside of you. La Poesia De Alfonso A. Gomez

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