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Blaze Foley Wanted More Dead Than Alive
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Blaze Foley tales seem to start with a few beers...

Leland and David Waddell got together with Blaze Foley one night after a gig at the Austin Outhouse in 1988, had a few beers together and talked over what they wanted to do with music. It turned out that Blaze really wanted to record a country album. Leland and David said 'We can do that'.

Just before the finishing touches could be made on the album, Blaze Foley was killed. The master tapes disappeared after a nasty legal squable and are rumored to have been destroyed by flooding, which seem to happen every year here in Central Texas.

Fifteen or more years later, David and Leland happened across an old studio safety recording, battered and bruised, that they lovingly restored using current digital technics (Blaze was known to say, "You gots to have your technology") and the results are WANTED MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE, the title a humorous stab at the belated popularity that Blaze, now dead, should have enjoyed while he was alive.

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Song List
1. If I Could Only Fly
2. It's Just You
3. Down Here Where I Am
4. Life of a Texas Man (written by Calvin Russell)
5. Faded Love and Memories
6. Ooh, Love
7. 1,2,3 1,2,3,4,5
8. Alibis
9. Clay Pigeons
10. Black Granite (written by Jubal Clark)

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Reviews of Wanted More Dead Than Alive.

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