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How to order CDs
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Order On-Line

You can order the following Deep South Production CDs on-line, a great way to help independent producers and artists!
You can also mail order directly from Deep South Productions.

Mail Order

You can mail order directly from Deep South Productions by sending $15 US Dollars + S&H* to:

Deep South Productions
P.O. Box 764
Manchaca, TX 78652-0764

*Shipping & Handling
US - $3.00
Canada - $6.00
Europe - $12.00
Australia (and Pacific Rim) - $15.00

Record Stores

If you have the pleasure of living near Austin, Texas you can find Deep South Production CDs at the following fine stores:

Waterloo Records and Video

Dealers Welcome

Dealers please call (512) 441 - 3045 or email Deep South Productions ( Thank you!

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