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The Silvertones: You Got Me Spinnin'

The Silvertones: You Got Me Spinnin'

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You Got Me Spinnin’ is The Silvertones latest album. This a Texas Blues album of twelve original songs. All the members of the band contributed songs for this project. It has songs showcasing some of the different styles of Blues that that play at their shows. This is a long anticipated project that was worth the wait.. For more information about the Silvertones or dealer information, please contact

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1. You Got Me Spinnin'
2. My Sweet Little Angel
3. Silver Moon
4. Uh-huh
5. Learning About Love
6. B. A. D.
7. No You Can't Just Bring Back Yesterday
8. I Ain't Done Crying Yet
9. Going Back to Cowtown
10. What You Got
11. Gonna Leave You Now
12. Can't Nobody Chase These Blues Away

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