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The Silvertones: Ride in My Cadillac

The Silvertones: Ride in My Cadillac

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The Silvertones are a Dallas based blues band, voted "Best Blues Act" by the Dallas Observer four times. Deep South Productions is extremely proud to have produced their new CD, Ride in My Cadillac. This CD consists of 10 original songs written by the members of The Silvertones. It also contains an original song written by Robert Lee and a "cover" song that's popular with their fans. (There are some very special guests performing on this CD with The Silvertones.) This CD is also available at Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas. For more information about the Silvertones or dealer information, please contact

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1. Ride in My Cadillac .... (Randy Ball)
2. But Officer .... (Brian Wicker)
3. Down By The Coast .... (Leo De La Vega)
4. Don't Seem To Listen .... (Leo and Richard De La Vega)
5. She Told Me .... (Randy Ball)
6. Let Me Be .... (Leo and Ricard De La Vega)
7. Cayentano .... (Leo De La Vega)
8. My Baby Ain't There .... (Randy Ball)
9. Texas Girl .... (Randy Ball)
10. I'm Tired Of Crying Over You .... (James A. Lane)
11. Worlds Apart .... (Robert Lee Raney)
12. People Think I'm Crazy .... (Randy Ball)

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