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Insite Austin Magazine

Insite Austin Magazine
November 2003

Country’s All I’ll Ever Be is about as country as I’ve ever hard. Poodle Lynn has been playing the Texas club scene since 1985. This is pure dancehall music. While listening to this, I can close my eyes and virtually be transported to a place where someone’s grandmother sells the beer for $1.50 and sawdust covers the floor. Enough about the feeling, 12 of the 14 songs (13 plus a bonus track) on the album are written by one of the performing family members. What a talented bunch.

In fact, lead singer duties on Country’s All I’ll Ever Be are traded off between Poodle Lynn and her children T. J. Hamrick, Jr., Billy B. Wimberly, Jr., and Melissa Sellers. Assorted musicians fill in the “Backstage Band” duties on this recording. Lynn, who wrote five of the songs on this album, offers a wonderful song in the soul-filled “Until Life’s Chapter Turns A Page.” This is what I would call a definite belly-rubbing song.

Hamrick, Jr. writes and sings three songs on this CD. “Don’t You Cry” is a classic-country song. Bob Brown provides an awesome steel-guitar backdrop for this sad song. Sellers takes lead vocals on the track “It Takes Two,” one of the two songs she writes on Country’s All I’ll Ever Be. It’s a gospel-sounding track she wrote about love slipping away. “It takes two to make love grow, reaching down in our souls. C’mon baby lets try it again.” “Dancing In the Dining Room” performs one of the two songs Wimberly, Jr. writes for this CD. It’s a great memory song about weekends spent at home, dancing in socks and underwear. I thought I was the only one. The Pete Townsend penned “Squeeze Box” is one of the cover songs on this album. Ponty Bone steps in to provide the accordion to this one. Nice.

Review by:Sean Claes
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Some weeks ago I received Poodle Lynn’s COUNTRY’S ALL I’LL EVER BE release. It was defin-itely a pleasant surprise since, to be honest, the cd art is not very impressive but the music was a delight from beginning to end, with everything for everybody, from honky tonk to waltz, from cajun to gospel. This is real, honest music that sounds the way real Country Music should sound. No tricks, no gimmicks, just good, clever lyrics and a professional band backing a good voices painting pictures and scenes that definitely take you to some dusty honky tonk along the road. Lynn’s voice definitely shines thoughout all the album, showing the different shades and tones that she can work out, sounding peppy, energetic, warm and sexy on different numbers. Best tracks: I Hold The Key, title track, Squeeze Box and by far Until Life’s Chapter Turns a Page which shows what an absolutely terrific Blues artist Lynn can also be.

Review by Raul J. Tejeiro
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August 2003

Poodle Lynn and the Backstage Band are a family act. The 2003 album “Country’s All I’ll Ever Be” is a relection of the talents of the whole family. With Poodle Lynn and her children Melissa Sellers, T. J. Hamrick, Jr., and Billy B. Wimberly, Jr. writing and singing almost all the material on the album. Poodle Lynn’s vocals have a June Carter Cash flavor, true country from the heart.

Review by: Virgina Debolt
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