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La Primera


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La Primera

Teresa Leticia De La Vega present her family's unique blend of original music. Their music reflects the influeces of the cultures of both Mexico and Texas where her family lived. All songs performed by Leti on this CD, except "Cerca Del mar" and "Bluebonnet Highway" were written by her brothers, Leo and Richard, and her mother, Eustolia. Leti co-wrote "Bluebonnet Highway" with David Leibson.

Leti has performed with her brothers, singing harmony vocals and playing various percussion instruments. She has also performed with several local singer/songwriters including Jubal Clark, Blaze Foley, Pat Belen, and Rich Minus. This is the CD that started Leti's recording career. This is a "new" release of her first CD, "Leti De La Vega y Los Downbeats." This CD has been re-released because of the growing interest in her music and her family's music. After hearing the original CD, Toni Price record "The Old Fiddler's Waltz" on one of her CDs. Leti re-sang her vocals and a few other instrument changes were made. It was remixed and remastered by the renowned Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova in Austin, Texas.

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